Links We Love #1

Happy Friday friends!

We hope you’ve had a lovely week and have an even lovelier weekend lined up!

These are the articles, images and posts that have captured our attention this week:

This soup recipe from Jules looks amazing and I’ll definitely be trying it on Sunday!

Ever wondered how best to stage your home for an Open House? Rachel shows you how.

This Mount Coolum engagement shoot made me grin like a cheshire cat! Not least because Coolum is one of our favourite spots on the Sunny Coast.

How adorable is this Newcastle wedding on Hello May?! The Robertsons have an amazing eye!

This article on the Atlantic really made me think. Do you think women can have it all? Or are we just setting ourselves up for a fall? I know where I stand but what do you think?

This Boston Globe piece on slow parenting really made me think! I’ve caught myself doing the same thing as a nanny, and I’ll definitely be saving this piece to my archives for future babies!

Have a love-filled weekend darlings and we’ll see you Monday!


Hero Image: Jules Chicken Soup via