Links We Love #2

Happy Friday friends!

We hope you’ve had a lovely, if rather cold, week and have a relaxing, joy filled long weekend lined up!

These are the articles, images and posts that have captured our attention this week:

This post from Sarah at A House in the Hills about realising we aren’t all perfect and stop comparing ourselves to curated, edited versions of life we see on IG and Pinterest really struck a cord with me.

If I was single, in fact even now, I would so totally live in this apartment from the Everygirl.

With leather making a comeback, Sonia shows you how to style a leather skirt, without looking like you got lost in the 80s

How many of these items do you have on your desk? According to Lauren, we should have all 10! (I carry 6 of them in my bag with me – maybe I should leave them in my desk?!)

This Pear and Apple Crumble Recipe from Lauren at Live at Number Five sounds so good! There may well be some baking in my weekend forecast!

This wedding from Gold Coast Wedding Weekly is a knockout! That first touch makes tears come to my eyes!

Even if you’re not an American Football fan (Go Patriots!) – this video is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Have a wonderful weekend lovely – we’ll be back with a post on Monday (no rest for the wicked!)