It’s officially Winter! And I don’t know about you but my home is so not equipped to deal with the cold! Are any homes in Queensland?!

So here are our Top 5 ways to make your living room (and any other room) winter appropriate, without ripping up the floorboards to install underfloor heating!

1. Lanterns

Hurricane Lamp Candles and Hydrangeas Lanterns by the Sofa Candles on a tray Hurricane Vase full of candles

Top Left: Hurricane Lamp Candles and Hydrangeas Top Right: Lanterns by the Sofa Bottom Left: Candles on a tray Bottom Right: Hurricane Vase full of candles

Candlelight is the most amazing way to bring warmth to a living room. If you’ve got littles, you could use flameless candles or put them up on a high surface.

Our current favourites are: these gorgeous greywash lanterns from Down That Little Lane; this mercury hurricane from Freedom; these black metal lanterns from IKEA (a personal favourite as we had them at our wedding) and these wooden lanterns from Pottery Barn (did you hear they’re opening a store here in Brisbane and in Perth this year? I can barely contain my excitement!)

2. Blankets and Throws

White Fluffy Throw Wooden Box for Blankets and Cushions Blue and Grey Living Room Throw on Chaise

Top Left: White Fluffy Throw Top Right: Wooden Box for Blankets and Cushions Bottom Left: Blue and Grey Living Room Bottom Right: Throw on Chaise

I adore throws and blankets. They’re great any time of year but come Winter they really do come into their own. If I could, I’d have multiple in every room!

Our current favourites are: this jumbo cable knit throw from Aura Home, these wool blended jacquard print throws from Kmart and I’m head over heels for this coral ombre throw from I Love Linen.

3. Lamps

Spirit Bottle Lamps Rustic Table Lamps Grey Table Lamps Geometric Lamp

Top Left: Spirit Bottle Lamps Top Right: Rustic Table Lamps Bottom Left: Grey Table Lamps Bottom Right: Geometric Lamp

People really underestimate the amount of warmth lamps, particularly table lamps, can add to a room. For starters, they’re much warmer and softer than fluorescent overhead lights, and secondly, because they’re so much closer to you, you get much more of the heat given out by the lamps.

Our favourites are: this turquoise lamp from Harvey Norman, this glass and burlap lamp from Freedom, this geodesic lamp from West Elm, and this lamp from Zanui just screams Japan to me.

4. Curtains

White Curtains Pale Pink Curtains Grey Silk Curtains Chartreuse Curtains

Top Left: White Curtains Top Right: Pale Pink Curtains Bottom Left: Grey Silk Curtains Bottom Right: Chartreuse Curtains

The one thing I hate more than anything about our current place is there’s no way to hang curtains. I love curtains! When we lived in the UK, they would be drawn as soon as we got home from work in Winter and they were invaluable in trying to keep a Cotswold cottage warm!

Current Favourites: these striped dove grey beauties from Laura Ashley, these duponi silk lovelies from Pottery Barn, these linen ones from Prèt-a-Portière, and I could buy every pair from Anthropologie but these ones really caught my eye!

5. Pillows and Cushions

Knitted Cushions Home Tour from The EveryGirl Colouful Cushions Basket full of Cushions

Top Left: Knitted Cushions Top Right: Home Tour from The EveryGirl Bottom Left: Colouful Cushions Bottom Right: Basket full of Cushions

If I could have 20 cushions on my living room sofa, I would. Sadly, I get veto’ed quite often, but I’m gradually upping the number! I love a sofa that’s so full of cushions it’s almost like a bed. And in winter, that’s exactly what you want – somewhere comfy, warm and inviting.

There are so many links I could put here for you, but I’ve edited my obsession down to include just a handful: this blue and white one from Pillow Talk, this winter-scape beauty from Adairs, this dusky pink and grey lambswool and alpaca darling from Country Road and this bright blue and gold one from Typo.

So, lovelies, how do you prepare your home for Winter? Have you already got the throws and candles out or are you hoping warmer weather is just around the corner?

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