7 Gifts For Him This Christmas

Happy Monday Friends! How was your weekend? I’m hope you had some time to do something you love! Is it just me or are men sometimes the hardest creatures to buy presents for? You can be in love with one for a decade and still get stuck for Christmas and Birthdays! Well if you’re stuck on what to buy the man in your life this holiday season, here’s our top 7…

1. Native Union Night Cable. $64.95

Is your guy forever searching for his phone cable on the floor by the bed? This night cable is 3m long and the knot is weighted. Plus it comes in a couple of great colours. I may have to buy one for myself! Buy itĀ here.

2. Minnetonka Moccasins. $56.95

Who doesn’t love a pair of well made moccasins?! These beauties may be handmade in the US but the soft suede leather makes it totally worth it! Buy themĀ here.

3. Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1. $229

Is your guy as obssesed with taking selfies as you? Wish you could have all those happy snaps at home? The Fujifilm Instax is so fast, it prints in 16 seconds! Now how many selfies can you take in 16 seconds? Buy it here.

4. Truffol Portable USB Charger. $39

Is his phone or camera battery always dying at the most unfortunate moment? The Truffol USB Charger is great for festivals, camping or anywhere else you may not have electricity. Plus it only weighs 250g! Buy it here (with free global shipping!)

5. Dapperdesk 2016 Planner. $75

If your guy is as obssesed with your planner as you are, this is the perfect one for him! Genuine leather and vellum paper = all the heart emojis! Plus it’s designed by the wonderful Emily Ley, so you know it’ll be amazing! Buy yours here to ship by December 1!

6. Fitbit Charge. $179.95

Is the step challenge real in your house too?! If it isn’t yet, this Fitbit is bound to start it! Perfect for the guy who’s always on the go, which will wake you with a silent alarm and let you know of any incoming calls if your phone’s nearby. Buy it here.

7. Google Chromecast. $45

If “Netflix and Chill” is a regular expression in your house, then your guy will love Google’s Chromecast. Stream Youtube videos, Netflix, and anything else you can find on the web straight to your TV, no hassle, no fuss. Buy his here.

What’s on your guy’s Christmas wishlist this year? I’m always open to new ideas! If you missed last week’s Gift Guide For Her, you can find it here. We’ll be back on #WeddingWednesday. Until then…