13 of the Best Red Nail Polishes

There are few things that say Happy Holidays to me more than red nails. You can pretty much guarantee that I’ll have red nails from sometime after Halloween until at least New Years! As much as I love both bright colours and neutrals, nothing beats a classic red nail (or lip!). But not all reds are made equal – so here are 13 of the best for you to choose from this holiday season!

Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Essentiel

A timeless red that goes with everything and everyone! Get yours here

Revlon Revlon Red

Found on 90s supermodels everywhere and still a classic! Get yours here

OPI Big Red Apple

A beauty editor favourite that I hope never goes out of production! The perfect creamy shade for looking put-together no matter the occasion! Get yours here

NARS Soup Can

Oh Nars. Only you. The perfect poppy red. Get it now here.

Chanel Le Vernis Pirate

The perfect blue based red with a high shine finish for an elegant look as timeless as Coco herself. Get yours here

Butter London Saucy Jack

A stunning dark red perfect for those with fairer skin due to its blue base. Get yours here

Dior Rouge 999

If anyone ever asks you if you need to spend $41 on nail polish, the answer is yes – and this is why. Oh Dior, words cannot express how much I love you! Get yours here

Tom Ford Smoke Red

You know when Tom Ford creates a red polish it’s going to be good, but this is just {insert appropriately over enthusiastic adjective here}! There’s a reason why Vogue and Harpers rate it so highly! Get yours here

NARS Jungle Red

A gorgeous deep dark red that just screams HOLIDAYS! Love Love Love. Get yours here 

Essie Really Red

Gorgeous, sexy, perfect. If I had to wear one red for the rest of my life, this would easily be in my top 5. Get yours here

Maybelline Power Red

I’ve had Power Red in my collection for about 5 years and I adore it. Get yours here

Rimmel Double Decker Red

As perfect as it sounds – just like a London Double Decker Bus. I wear this when I’m feeling a little homesick and it always makes me smile. Sadly, you can now only get it in the UK or on eBay – so buy it when you can!

Essie The A List

Classic, traditional and a cult favourite. A true red. Get yours here

What’s your favourite red? Do you have a colour that you always wear for the holidays?


Annéka xo

Top Image: Rach Parcell