Do You Have A Christmas Theme?

My go-to these last few years has been silver and blue. But this year, I feel a change is coming. A change that looks a lot like grey, blue, white and hints of copper. Whilst I’m fairly certain none of us can change our decorations every year, there’s nothing like a little bit of an update every so often!

Whilst I like having a distinct theme for each room, this year I think it may look a little odd with our apartment being so open, so instead I’m planning on doing grey and blue against the white walls with copper accents where I can.

Image: Selina Lake

Image: Wood Grain Cottage

Image: Cox & Cox

Image: Cox & Cox

Image: Cox & Cox

Image: Made From Scratch

Image: 100 Layer Cake

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Oh geez, now I’m going to have go dig my copper mugs out and fill them with frothy hot chocolate and marshmallows!

What theme are you going with this year? 


Annéka xo