How to start a Book Club

Okay, confession time: I don’t actually know how to start a book club. This is actually my challenge for January – to start one, with friends new and old. In fact, up to this point, I’ve only ever been to one book club meeting and that’s it. So I’m actually making this up as I go along. I don’t know whether you do tea and cake or wine and cocktails. But we’re friends, so I don’t see any shame in telling you I have no idea what I’m doing! I’m hoping that maybe I’ll inspire you to start your own book club, or supper club, or host your own adventure dinner party. Because you are my reason, I want you to feel like you’ve just popped over for a cup of tea, we’re curled up on my couch with some cake and having a good old natter. Because, connection is everything, amiright?!

So how have I started?! Well, I put a message on my personal Facebook and in a group I’m part of – full of lovely, inspiring women – as well as on my Instagram – and I received the most overwhelming positive response. As in I cried actual tears! I’m currently in the process of working out everyone’s best days and favourite genres so I can put together the most inclusive party – full of love, warmth and encouragement, whilst pushing us outside of our comfort zone every so often. And because I have had people from all over this amazing world say they want to be involved, I’m also putting together a Facebook page! Which, by the way, you can totally be a part of – just shoot me an email!

So, friend, I want to know – what are you favourite book genres? Are you a chick-lit babe or more of a sci-fi lover? Have you been part of or hosted a book club before? Do we do tea and cake or cocktails? Any advice for me?

I’m so stoked to share this challenge with you!


Annéka xo

  • I started a book club with my friends this year! For our first meeting we are doing a brunch style meeting with mimosas and everything! So I think you can choose any kind of theme, food and drinks you want. This is my first time being in a bookclub as well, hey I said it goes how every you want it to no rules, that’s the best part. Enjoy!