Welcome to 2017 love! How’s your head this morning? I hope you waved 2016 off with a bang and hugged those you love most!

I absolutely love fresh starts! It’s so nice to have a clean plate, and whilst I try not to view Jan 1 as a must-do for resolutions and fresh plans, I do so love clearing the slate and having a brand new planner to make messy and fill with joy!

That said, I don’t believe in resolutions. In fact, I actively try to avoid them. There’s just something about them that’s almost asking you to trip yourself up! Instead, I try to have a word for each year instead. Last year was Progress. This year? It’s Inspire!

I want to

Inspire You

Inspire Others

Inspire Myself

Inspire Love

Inspire Joy


Inspire Faith!

It’s also my 30th birthday this year. Yes, I know I’m trying to avoid thinking about it too! But, because of that, I’ve decided to set myself some challenges. 17 to be exact. One for every month from now until I turn 31 in May 2018…

Create a book club with friends, new and old

Finish the first draft of the book

Create a guide for SE QLD

Create a Simpkins family newsletter to send out at Christmas

Design a personal Christmas card with time to print and send out!

Write at least one freelance article a month

Host an adventure dinner party

Improve my photography skills

Try Reformer Pilates

Read one non-fiction book per quarter

Go on at least 6 road-trips

Go to a winery for a weekend

Go for nightly neighbourhood walks

Tithe more

Eat Whole 30 for at least 2 weeks

Hike Mt Warning

Start a supper club with friends

Bake at least once a month

These are all things that I love, that challenge and inspire me! I’ve even created an inspiration board (check it out!), which I’m going to keep adding to throughout the year!

Just because I’ve set myself these challenges, doesn’t mean I won’t be here. I’ll still be keeping up with Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday posts – plus the odd special one thrown in here or there – from January 9! But I want to know – is there anything you particularly want to see? More personal posts? More fashion? More beauty? Whatever it is, I would love you to leave a comment and let me know!

Until January 9, friend….


Annéka xo