January Book Club

Happy Monday friend! So the Life Begins Co Book Club is officially up and running! Eeeek! How exciting is that? Whilst I love catching up with people in person, so many of you are spread all over this wonderful world and I want you to feel as much a part of this as if we were all sitting in a room together. So, with that in mind, I have created a Facebook group specifically for our little book club. Somewhere you can chat with friends – new and old, discuss our current book over a mug of tea (oh who are we kidding, a glass of wine) and swap recommendations – as well as provide encouragement and support. Because community is where it’s at! And that’s what I truly want for our little book club – a community. A judgement free zone full of love, wine and great books.

So, how’s this all going to work? Well, firstly you need to read the book! As we are already halfway through January (um, what now?!) and December needs to be a bit of a write-off, I have selected 10 books for us all to read (each with an assigned month). We have crime, thriller, romance and drama as well as a non-fiction book, so all bases should be covered.

Then once a month, if you are local to Brisbane, we will catch up for tea/wine and cake and have a natter about the book. Seen as a large proportion of you who expressed an interest aren’t anywhere near me though, what I would love to do is to really open this up to all of you! Show us where you’re reading the month’s book and let us know what you thought! I am in no way asking for an essay – just a couple of lines, maybe a paragraph on what you thought, what it made you feel, would you recommend it. Do you think you can do that for me? GREAT! (Just as a little side note, I will be writing a review/synopsis here, every month, once I’ve read the book)

Now we’ve got that out the way, here are the Life Begins Co Book Club Reads for 2017…

Yes, I have put two extras in. Because some months you might get through a book in just a week and want something else to read! I have yet to read any of these, so I am super excited to get started! I have just ordered my copy of Hidden Figures from Amazon (P.S I’ve put all the books into an Amazon List if you need to buy them, which you can find here) and can’t wait to read it! Have you seen the trailer yet? I’m hoping to read my copy by the time I go to see it at the cinema!

So that’s it! You can join our Facebook group here – I can’t wait to see you there!


Annéka xo