9 Netflix Crushes

It’s not often I write about daily life on here. Which is weird when you consider that this is a personal lifestyle blog about all the things I love! One of those things: Netflix and Chill. As in actual chill. Like taking up the entire corner of my super comfy couch, with a pint of my good ol’ friends – Ben & Jerry, and catching up with all my faves. I know, how uncool of me. But I don’t really care. Life is rough sometimes and the only way to unwind is to lose yourself in someone else’s problems. Amiright?! So here are all of my current Netflix TV crushes (I’ll do another post on movies because otherwise you’ll spend all day reading this instead of couch-hogging.)

The Crown

Royalty, intrigue, fashion, politics, history. What’s not to love?! Plus, I’m a Brit – so hello motherland!

Gilmore Girls

I’m still not over how A Year in the Life ended. Netflix – can we please have another season?! But aside from that, I am totally having a noughties crush over the original series! And want to move to Stars Hollow. Anyone with me?

The Tudors

Another one about royalty, sex, fashion, politics. But y’know with a slightly psychotic lunatic on the throne who pretty much hates everyone. (Sidenote: I did my entire A-Level history coursework on Henry VIII – hello flashback!)


I’m only 3 episodes in but The CW might finally be making up for the serious lack of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl that has plagued my life these past few years! Anyone else totally addicted to finding out what happened to Jason Blossom?

Call The Midwife

Okay, so it probably has something to do with both my Mama and Gramma being nurses, but I have been head over heels for this series since day 1 and I am going to cry buckets when it finally ends. Just like I did at the end of season 3!


Royalty, fashion, politics, intrigue. Anyone starting to see a pattern here? No, just me then! If life in 1500s France had been this glamourous and fantastic, I’d be holding on to the next time turner!


If you haven’t been watching Suits, where the HECK have you been friend?! Rachel & Mike’s love story has kept me going for 5 seasons and don’t tell me you wouldn’t want Harvey to look at you the way he looks at Donna. Heavens Above! Plus, who doesn’t want to get Litt at least once in their life?!

Silent Witness

Okay, this one might sound a bit gruesome, but I promise you, you’ll be head over heels in no time. This is one I’ve been watching with my Papa for longer than either of us cares to admit (or will to my Mama) and we love trying to figure out whodunnit (I’ve yet to beat him and we’re on season 18!). It may be about a couple of pathologists in London on the surface, but I swear to you it’s so much more! (P.S You can thank me later when Harry shows up!)

So there you have it. 9 of my current Netflix crushes. What have you been crushing on lately? I want to hear every. single. one.


Annéka xo