February Book Club - Hidden Figures {Review}

Happy Monday love! If you have yet to read this book, I warn you now, this review does include spoilers. Also, if you have yet to see the movie – do it now! I saw it last Thursday and I’m still trying to process just how amazing it was.

So, usually, I am one of the people who firmly believes the book is always better than the film. In this case, I’d say it’s a dead heat. And that says a lot coming from someone who had to watch P.S I Love You at least three times before I started to enjoy it as just a film! With Hidden Figures, the book and film perfectly complement each other.

What I loved most about this book was the grit and determination that seeped from the pages. Does it help that the author is from Hampton, VA? Absolutely! It should almost be a requirement for authors to have such a personal connection to their subjects because the results are outstanding!

The story follows the work of of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden, at a time when women and minorities were not treated equally, nor given the credit they so obviously deserved, is a testament to what can happen if you forge through barriers, focus on your goals, and meet challenges with determination, grace and dignity.  As we are swept along from the end of WWII and aviation research to the Cold War and the Space Race of the 1960s. The excitement of the space program and the rapid advances of the time quite literally jump off the page and hammer home the powerful and enduring impact these women had. I found it frustrating that their contributions were buried for so long and the segregation and humiliations they endured, while common for the time period, outrageous, but a message worth remembering in the current political climate

Ultimately, the author gives us a special insight into what inspired these exceptional women, highlighted their many talents, their personal convictions, and led us on an exciting journey that paved the way for so many of the wonderful achievements. The book is meticulously researched, well written, and achieves its ultimate goal. Mathematics and science are cool, and not just for guys, which is a misconception we still fight off today. No matter how late in coming, the accolades these women are now receiving is sure to promote a vigorous interest in these fields as the become a role model for future generations.

It is more important than ever that we fight for science, that we continue to promote education for all, and remember those who came before us, who paved the way and made sacrifices so we can enjoy the way of life we have now.

This is a fascinating book, rich in details, both historically and technically, some of which sailed over my head a little, but that has only encouraged me to learn more.

Would I recommend this book? HECK YES! No matter what genre you typically prefer reading (um, chick lit, anyone?!)! This book is a learning experience and an extremely interesting peek at the ‘behind the scenes’ beginnings of the space program, proving that every person’s role and contribution is important and makes a difference. Best of all, it’s a true story!!

What did you think of Hidden Figures? If you want to be part of the Life Begins Co Book Club, join us here! Next Month: The Year Of Marvellous Ways! I’ve already picked it up from the library and can’t wait to dig in!


Annéka xo