Autumn Wishlist

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be off gallivanting around and taking a bit of a break whilst my in-laws are here but I just couldn’t help myself! I’ve been putting together some Autumn wishlists and I just had to share the first of them with you today!

1. Red Off The Shoulder Wrap Sweater $8.99 | 2. Navy Ruffle Hem Sweater $16.99 | 3. Apricot Choker V Neck Sweater $15.99 | 4. Colour Block Oversized Sweater $14.99 |

For me, sweaters either have to be totally oversized or slim fitting. Anything in between and I look like the Michelin man! I kid you not. I always wear navy and grey in winter, so I’m totally loving that ruffle sweater (which I have and can’t wait to show you!) but this year, I’m trying to push my comfort zone a little and incorporate some burgundy and my favourite blush pink!

What’s on your wishlist?


Annéka xo