What's in my bag

Hey lovely.

It’ll come as no surprise to you that I love it when other people post these, either on their blog, Insta or YouTube and it occurred to me that I’ve never done one. And seen as I bought myself a new bag last weekend, and I’m loving it, I thought I’d share mine with you.

Y’all know I’ve been after a new backpack forever and a day. Turns out, I’m pretty hopeless at pulling the trigger and actually making a decision. So when I saw this baby for just $20 at Kmart, I figured “why the heck not?!” and bought it. I’ve used it every day so far, both for work and general life, and I love it. It carries everything I need – and more!

No matter what, I always have a book in my bag. And because the new Dan Brown book is due out in October, and because I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump lately (more on that later), I decided I would reread all the Robert Langdon books – starting with Angels & Demons. And can I just say, Dan Brown – you are an absolute genius and I adore every word you write! I’m currently (as I’m sat writing this on Sunday) almost half way through and with every passing page, I’m reminded of why I love reading so much. What else – ah, yes, my happy plugs. They actually featured in my holiday gift guide last Christmas and my parents paid attention because I had them as a Christmas present and it’s fair to say I have used them almost every day since. I use them at work, when I’m listening to an audiobook on my walk to work, in the gym, at home for my iPad – basically, they are in continual use and I adore them. I didn’t realise how much my regular iPhone headphones hurt until I started wearing these. Now I’m obsessed and thinking about buying a second pair because I won’t be able to cope when these babies eventually die and I have to wait for a new pair to be delivered. I also have my trusty Typo notebook, which I use for jotting down almost anything that comes into my head – at the moment it’s full of plot ideas and character arcs for a book I’m working on; a pencil or my much adored Lamy fountain pen, my purse, my steel water bottle (which was in the wash when I took these photos) and a various assortment of hair ties, clips, granola bars, raisins and eye drops.

So, love, what’s in your bag? Am I totally weird in what I carry around every day?