The Weekly Edit #2

Hello love! We’ve got a fair bit to catch up on as I missed out on doing this last weekend. Not for any particularly exciting reason but that does mean you get a bumper double edition! There have been vodka margaritas, a new bedtime routine, baking, books and a new addition to the family….

Last week, my boss came into town and we all went out for dinner and drinks at Riverbar. One of the things I love most about living here is the river, and those views never get old. Also – gin + vodka margaritas on a Wednesday night – so not a good idea!

Also – on Friday, we went to a party at Rob’s work. It was great with one slight downside – I dropped my phone in water. It has spent the last week in rice but to no avail. I went to the Apple Store yesterday and it can’t be repaired…so it looks like I’m getting a new one. Thank God for having a work phone to keep me semi-connected in the meantime.

Last Sunday I baked this beauty – a Black Forest Swiss Roll. It was amazing (or so I’m told – I didn’t actually eat any of it) – but I wish I’d used kirsch instead of just cherries – it’s just so hard to get your hands on here. Also, I’m thinking of investing in a stand mixer because all this baking is killing my shoulders!

I haven’t been sleeping well recently so I decided to try a new bedtime routine that included this Sleep Tight tea from T2. It didn’t work, I still woke up about 3 times in the night (thank God for make up!) so I’m on the hunt for ideas – what’s your nighttime routine? I finished Angels & Demons. Absolutely loved it – once again – and now want to get on the next flight to Rome! After finishing it, I decided to take a break from Dan Brown and read one of my new books from Book Heaven. So far, I’m absolutely loving it! Stay tuned for more!

Since starting this job, I’ve been trying my hardest to get out of the office and go for a walk every lunch. I have a tendency to just sit and work through as there’s always so much to do but I know I always feel much calmer, less anxious and stressed if I take those 20-30 minutes every day. This was taken on one of my walks this past week. Yes, it is the middle of winter. I know, you can kill me now.

I may have taken this just before I got completely drenched on Wednesday by a completely unpredicted rain storm but heck, I love catching these little glimpses of Europe through all the skyscrapers and modern apartment buildings. It makes me feel slightly less far away.

Friday was World Chocolate Day (and another rain-filled day here) so I celebrated with the 36% cocoa hot chocolate from Noosa Chocolate Factory. I forgot to ask for lactose-free milk but my God it was worth every cramp. I am now spoilt forever.

Also, rain = major Love Island catch-up! How good is it this year? And what the hell was that with Georgia, Amber, Kem, Tyla, Jonny and Theo?! DRAMA!!! And the new Jamilla?! I remember watching Jamie in Taking New York – I’m so glad to see he’s grown up a little since then! I can’t wait for tonight’s episode (which because of the time difference I won’t get to watch until after work on Monday. Gah I hate 9/10 hour time differences!)

Yesterday I went on a solo trip to Ikea, the hardware store and the Apple Store (to see if my baby could be fixed). Outcomes: bought photo frames that don’t quite fit so we’re going to have to trim the photos slightly, my phone can’t be fixed, but saltwater sandals are officially the comfiest things ever! Plus pretty blooms make my heart smile!

Last night we had Thai and watched the new Jack Reacher. Didn’t hate it. Love Cobie Smulders. Feel like there is fast becoming a point when Tom Cruise is going to have to stop the whole action hero thing. I swoon over him in Top Gun but now it’s just too much. Plus there’s the whole batshit crazy thing so….

Also, we’re halfway through the final season of HIMYM and I’ve no idea what to watch once it’s over! OITNB? House of Cards? Help a girl out – what should we watch! I need recs….

Also on my outing yesterday, I picked up a new addition for the Simpkins clan. This is Kem….I’ll wait for you to catch up on why I’ve decided to call him that….. there you go. You get it now, don’t you! I knew you’d get there! Anyway, I’m currently moving him around the place to decided where he shall live before I pot him. Current front runners are here (in the living room) or in our bedroom. Also, I think I starting to turn into a plant mama in lieu of not yet being a baby mama. Send help, please!

And that’s it. This week doesn’t look like it’ll be too exciting but next Friday I’m off down the coast for a girly weekend, so this week will probably be full of me trying to decide what to wear! You’ll forgive me if I’m hungover next weekend right? Thanks love!

Until then…


Annéka xo