My Word Of The Year: 2018

Happy New Year’s Eve loves! I can’t believe 2017 has come to an end already, but actually, I’m really glad it is.

Back in January, I set my goals for this year – and I’m not going to lie, I’ve failed at pretty much all of them. These were my goals for 2017:

Create a book club with friends, new and old 

Managed sort of. This will be addressed in 2018

Finish the first draft of the book.

Nope. Still only on Chapter 5. But this is the third book I attempted to write in 2017.

Create a guide for SE QLD.


Create a Simpkins family newsletter to send out at Christmas.

No – maybe this year.

Design a personal Christmas card with time to print and send out!


Write at least one freelance article a month

Started out well but failed come Easter

Host an adventure dinner party

Sort of – my 30th birthday.

Improve my photography skills

Getting there, slowly!

Try Reformer Pilates

Yes! and I loved it!

Read one non-fiction book per quarter


Go on at least 6 road-trips

If you count the trips I took at home, yes!

Go to a winery for a weekend


Go for nightly neighbourhood walks

Not every night, but I tried.

Tithe more

More than 2016 but not as much as I would have liked.

Eat Whole 30 for at least 2 weeks


Hike Mt Warning


Start a supper club with friends

No. But I’d still love to try.

Bake at least once a month


2017 was a rough year for me. As it was for a lot of people. I know quite a few friends who have spent most of this year thinking “are you f-ing kidding me?!” and I have definitely been with them on that. Whilst I may have failed on many of my resolutions, I did succeed in places I didn’t even set goals – like the gym, fitness and being okay with who I am.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love fresh starts! It’s so nice to have a clean plate, and whilst I try not to view Jan 1st as a must-do for resolutions and fresh plans, I do so love clearing the slate and having a brand new planner to make messy and fill with joy!

Speaking of which, my word for 2018 is:

In many ways, it’s a selfish word. But I also think I need that. So this year I will be focussing on the things (and people) that bring me joy. I will read more books, I will write about them (more on that soon!), I will bake more, I will visit more bookstores, spend more time at the beach, go to the ballet,  go to the cinema alone, finish writing my own book, travel and spend time with those that matter most to me. I still hope I can start a Supper Club, hike Mt Warning and go to a winery – because all those things would bring me joy – but if they don’t happen, that’s okay too.

So what about you lovely? What’s your word for the year? Are you making a New Year’s resolutions? Whatever your plans for tonight (and the coming year), I hope you hug someone you love at midnight (or whenever you decide to celebrate) and know that I am thankful for you.


Annéka xo