The Weekly Edit #3

I know, I know. It’s literally been months since I did one of these. But it’s back – and I’m not going to lie, it feels good! This week has been full of bubbles, doctors visits, snow, weird art and getting Christmassy! Let’s dive in shall we?

Last Sunday I finally ordered my 2018 planner. This past year, I didn’t have my usual planner – and it damn near killed me! No-one can do a planner like Emily – and I swear I’m never leaving again!

Monday (actually most of the week), the rain fell. And it didn’t stop. I got a little wet more than once. Monday also saw the first doctors visit of the week. I have been banned from giving blood as my iron levels at my last visit were too low. So blood tests required. Yay.

Tuesday. We celebrated Harry and Meghan’s engagement at work with bubbles, scones and crumpets. Love my work family for making me feel at home and embracing all my British-ness!

Wednesday saw a return visit to the doctors. I needed to get a nail removed after a serious amount of trauma this year. Thank God for anaesthesia and Scottish doctors! I also got a prescription for iron – which doesn’t taste that great, but the other option was a transfusion, and I’m not doing that!

Thursday. My foot was in pretty bad shape so I contemplated working from home but dragged myself to the office. It also stopped raining long enough for me to grab an #OOTD photo. The proximity of December also meant the release of some seriously festive filters. And I have been taking full advantage!

Fridays at work usually mean lunch out. This week, we headed to Corbett and Claude. Although I was tempted by their pizza (which is amazing!), I decided on mushroom GF gnocchi with halloumi instead. And it was amazing. Plus a little sneaky gin. On Friday night, I caught up with friends and we drank prosecco and gin whilst eating all the yummy nibbles and watching Love Actually. I also read the first of my Christmas books. Hello December!!!

Yesterday, I cleaned the house whilst Rob went to the dentist, then we took a trip to GOMA – pretty much just because I wanted to stick coloured stickers in the Obliteration Room. Which we followed up with Thai and rewatching the first episode of Strike Back (I’d forgotten how good it is!)

Which brings us to today. Officially the best day of December so far – the tree and decorations went up! We’ve watched Miracle on 34th St (do you believe?), listened to Christmas music all morning, drunk copious amounts of tea, had pancakes for brunch and as I type this, there is chicken roasting in the oven and I’ve got Christmas Hallmark movies playing.

So how was your week? Christmas decorations up yet? I’m feeling the need to buy a few more – so who knows what other trinkets I’ll have snuck in the door by next week’s edit! Merry Christmas lovely!


Annéka xoxo