Top Books of 2017

I’m not going to lie to you, I absolutely, 100% had to scroll back through my camera roll and Goodreads to remember all the books I read in 2017. Which is really bad when you consider I, apparently, only read 49 books in 2017. I swear it was more, but that’s all I could find. I was going to list every book (like my friend Athena) but instead, I’ve decided to just give you my top 5. That way, you won’t be here for hours, and hopefully you’ll find something new to read!

Number One

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to love this before I read it. I am so emotionally attached to the original books that I wasn’t sure anything (or anyone – even with a helping hand from the great lady herself) could do it justice. Boy, was I wrong. I devoured this in one sitting. It was that good. Yes, it’s a play, but, if you’re anything like me and your brain runs a movie through your head as you read, it’s actually perfect! I have so many questions after reading this and it’s made me wish that Ms Rowling would do a sequel of all the children and their time at Hogwarts!

Rating: 5*****

Number Two

Hidden Figures

Confession time: I didn’t actually read the book until after I’d seen the film. I know, bookworm sacrilege! BUT! It actually made the book so much better! I absolutely loved reading the stories of those brave and courageous women and it seemed so fitting to read it in, what has undoubtably been, a year for women everywhere (#metoo). If you have yet to watch the film OR read the book, I suggest you do so ASAP. Even my mama adored this book, and she’s not usually one for non-fiction!

Rating: 5*****

Number Three

Honour Among Thieves

I’ve been a Jeffrey Archer fan since he wrote Kane and Abel (which I remember devouring in a ski chalet when I was 14) and this tome did not disappoint! Set after the Gulf War One, it tells the story of a missing document, thievery, espionage and intrigue. It literally had me hooked from the very first page and I could not put it down. If you’ve yet to read an Archer book, get yourself to the library pronto!

Rating: 5*****

Number Four


I’ll admit, I’m not usually a non-fiction reader. Give me chick-lit or fantasy any day of the week so it takes something special to drag me from Hogwarts/Oxford/Middle Earth. Needless to say, this book did it. I had already read Lara’s first book – Make Things Happen – and I have been following her journey since she first launched Southern Weddings magazine ten years ago – but I would have loved this book regardless. In the words of Lara  it’s “A guide to embracing imperfect progress and making what matters happen, little by little.” And boy, did I need that this year. It was uplifting, hard-hitting, heartfelt and real – and it’s even made me want to start my own little balcony garden!

Rating: 5*****

Number Five

The Midnight Watch

I have been a Titanic fan ever since I first watched the film (complete with Omani edits – I had no idea about the car scene until I was 16!) so I will, quite literally, read any book on the subject. The Midnight Watch tells the story of what may have happened onboard the SS California on the night the Titanic sank and the despair and desperation felt by those who did nothing. I’ll be honest, I found this a little hard to get into at first, but I persevered and was well rewarded. Definitely worth a read if you’ve yet to do so.

Rating: 4.5*****

What were your top reads in 2017 friend? Stay tuned – next week I’m sharing a few books coming out this year that I am seriously stoked about! Until then…


Annéka xo