April Goals

I know it’s not quite Easter yet, but I’m signing off for the weekend soon and I wanted to share these before I went. March was a busy month around here (though it may not seem it!): I finally started self-employment, which is terrifying and exciting all at the same time, and I finally decided to start an idea I had about 4 years ago for a retreat for creative entrepreneurs! I also lost my reading mojo, which I’m so disappointed in! I managed to finish HP1 and The Fifth Gospel, and I’m partway through HP2. Pretty shocking given that I managed 7 books in February! Anyway, onto my goals! Here’s how I did in March…


Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with friendsAnd it was gooood!

Love well on Rob for his birthdayYes! It was quiet and lovely! 

Read HP 1 & 2 – Almost! 

Run at least once a week I managed this all but once, so I’m saying yes!

Start a daily gratitude journal – No. I did it twice. Fail. Moving to April

Bake at least twice – I baked brownies for Rob’s birthday and I plan on baking this weekend! 

Begin using my autumn capsule wardrobe yes and I’m loving it!

Stargazing – no. We were shattered. Maybe in April. 


Write in a daily gratitude journal

Read at least 2 romance novels that I haven’t read before

Bake at least twice

Make homemade soup

Celebrate our 12th date-i-versary

Attend the ANZAC Day Dawn Service

Run once a week

Write every single day – even if it’s just 100 words in a Note on my phone

There are so many things that I could add to this list, but I think it’s important to make space in the margin’s of your life to just let life happen. To find the joy in the everyday – in a good book, in a mug of tea, in walking just for the sake of it. So that’s what I’m going to try and do this month.

What about you friend? Any April goals?


Annéka xo