My Nighttime Routine

Okay, this may seem like a totally random post given that I usually talk books, bookshops and baking BUT aren’t we all multi-faceted women who think and talk about a lot of things? I was actually talking with some friends the other day about how my evening routine is so much more set than my morning routine, and how if I don’t do it, it totally throws me off and I don’t sleep well. Does that happen to you too? So anyway, they asked me to share it, so here goes…

1. Okay, first things first, phone on charge, face down with Do Not Disturb on! Take my contacts out and my makeup off (if I’ve worn any that day). I have sensitive, eczema and acne prone skin so I use Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Face Wipes OR the Simple Micellar Water. It depends on how tired I am!

2. I splash my face with lukewarm water and use Olay Total Effects Self Heating Skin Exfoliator. I actually got this from my Mama when I went home last year and I love it. They don’t sell it here so Lord knows what I’ll do when I run out. I love it because 1) I don’t have to use very much, 2) it’s gentle enough that I can use it every day and 3) it makes my skin feel clean! Once I’ve rubbed it in, I wash off with one of the Body Shop’s Muslin Cloths.

3. Next up: Rosehip oil. I actually use two different oils, but this one comes first. I pour a little into my hand, rub my hands together and then pat it into my skin. I know you’re probably supposed to rub it in, but I feel like patting it actually pushes it into my skin rather than it just sitting there! Whilst it’s soaking in, I floss and brush my teeth.

4. I recently discovered Drops of Youth from The Body Shop too and have started using it. All I can say is wow! For someone who’s skincare routine up until the last year or so pretty much consisted of water, make-up wipes and sunscreen, this has worked miracles! I currently have the face wash (which I use every morning), the youth concentrate and the eye mask – both of which I use every evening. The concentrate is more sticky than an oil but it glides right on, as does the eye gel, which I leave as more of a mask once a week. I’m also going to buy the Bouncy Sleeping Mask and the Youth Cream

5. I follow this up with Nivea Q10PlusC  Skin Sleep Cream. Super creamy but doesn’t make my face go sticky or end up in the corner of my eye (which I hate!).

6. I give myself, my pillows and duvet a quick spritz of The Body Shop Quiet Night Mist Spray. This stuff is magic, I swear. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. If you have problems with either of those, I highly recommend this stuff.

7. Then I climb into bed, write in my gratitude journal, then curl up with a good book until I feel my eyes start to drift. Job done.

In all honesty, this routine is pretty new for me, but it’s working. My skin is better, I’m more rested, and I know that if I look at my phone and start scrolling, I won’t sleep and it makes my head feel too full. Also, full disclosure, I’m an early riser (the alarm goes off at 5 am most days) so this all happens around 9 pm. Because I’m a gramma.

What’s your nighttime routine lovely? Any recommendations? 


Annéka xo