On Recipe Journals

I have what may seem a slightly odd question for you today. Do you have a recipe journal? No? Then why not? I do, and this is why…

In this age of Pinterest, blogs and Instagram, recipe journals may seem a little redundant but in much the same way I will never give up books for a Kindle (even when going on trips), I will always have a recipe journal. I will always tear recipes out of magazines and put them between the pages, I will always ask friends for recipes I’ve loved and written them down, and, one day, I will pass this journal (and others) onto my children.

Because this journal, and so many others like it, isn’t just about my recipes. It’s about all the recipes that came before. About family secrets passed down through the generations, the memories of baking gingerbread as the snow falls outside, making Welsh cakes on a bakestone for St David’s Day and eating cake batter straight from the bowl. So many of our family memories revolve around food, and these journals are a place to keep them safe for ourselves, and for the generations that follow.

My own journal has a recipe for chicken stew a friend first made for me 11 years ago that I still make today; recipes in my Grampa’s handwriting with notes scribbled in the margins; marinara sauce splotches and dried on brownie batter. My life, and the lives of my family are contained inside the pages of that battered book, and it wouldn’t want it any other way.

So friend, have I inspired you to start a recipe journal of your own? Perfect! Here are some of my favourites right now:

Clockwise from top left: Rifle Paper Co | Kate Spade | tde | Emily Ley

I hope I’ve inspired you just a little by sharing a small part of why these journals mean so much to me. Happy cooking! 


Annéka xo