June Goals

Holy crap, how is it June already? I swear it was March two seconds ago and now we’re officially started the second half of the year!

May was a weird month for me. Good but weird. I turned 31, cut my hair off, lost one client but gained another, flew to Melbourne and back in just under 18 hours, read a couple of books and dealt with some pretty crippling anxiety. So, how did I do on my May Goals?!


Go to a winery

Visit Maleny & Montville (I’m thinking I might combine these two for a little birthday trip) 

I did this on Labour Day weekend. It rained but it was glorious! 

Celebrate turning 31

It was hard to avoid this one! We went bowling with friends and it was good! 

Watch When Harry Met Sally

Yes! And I loved it! 😀 

Go to daily Mass at least twice

Done! It was so good to go and it’s something I’m going to try and keep up! 

Go on a Starbucks Walking Date

Read HP 3 and 4

Bake a pie

Sort out my winter capsule wardrobe

Sort of! I’ve thought about it, but as I write this (in bed yesterday with anxiety) I haven’t actually made it happen. It’s one thing I plan to do this weekend!

So what about my June goals? Well, this month I started using my Powersheets. I wasn’t sure if I would get through all the prep work in time, but I managed it by the skin of my teeth and my tending list for this month is written! I’ve also made myself a little inspiration board for the month, which you can see above! So here goes…


Begin my website overhaul – not this one but my work one

Reread the Five Love Languages

Book our anniversary trip!

Cultivate my winter capsule wardrobe

Buy a lamp and two new plants for our house!

Go to yoga at least once a week

Purge anything unnecessary

Drink 2l of water and go for a walk every day!


Notice how I just said Read? I’m trying to put less pressure on myself to read certain books, or a certain number of books per month as doing that really doesn’t help my sense of overwhelm, so I’m just planning on going with the flow and enjoying each book. I’m also in charge of planning and booking our anniversary trip this year…any guesses where we’re going? 


Annéka xo