Capsule Shoe Wardrobe

Boy, how has it been over 6 weeks since I last blogged? I knew it had been a while (and I’d been having all the blogging guilt about it) but I didn’t realise it had been quite that long. I think it’s mainly because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write, so instead, I just didn’t. I’ve been missing some sections of this blog that I’d gotten rid of, but I wasn’t 100% certain I wanted to bring them back – which is funny because it’s stuff I share on my Instagram all the time!

I know people say blogging as dead but I disagree. It may not be the same as it was back when I started in 2010 but then what is?! Facebook was for friends and family only, Instagram didn’t exist, Obama was barely a year into his presidency and London 2012 still seemed like a lifetime away! I’ve always viewed blogging as my online journal, and I think that’s how most of us lifestyle bloggers view it now. It’s the virtual scrapbook of our lives. So I have brought some of the old elements back and it already makes me smile.

So, on that, today’s post is about my shoes. See, I have quite a few pairs in my wardrobe. Probably more than I should. And these days, I basically live in slippers #selfemployedlife. But when I do go out, I’ve noticed that I’m always reaching for the same four pairs. So I wanted to share them – and where you can pick some similar ones yourself – today.

light brown clogs | black ballet flats | chelsea boots | tassel smoking slippers | lace up vintage boots| running trainers | black trainers 

I live in these shoes every day, some days I end up wearing all 4 in one day depending on my schedule! I own both pairs of trainers above and wear them on different days. The running pair I wear if I’m doing any form of cardio, and the others I wear for weight training – though I do wear both for every day wear too!

When it comes to ballet flats, my love knows no bounds. I used to have close to 10 pairs but these days I’m down to just the one. I wore my last pair of Topshop ballet flats to the ground and then they stopped selling them, so my current pair are from H&M but I’ve got my eye on those J Crew ones – plus those tasselled smoking slippers are gorgeous!

What are your most worn shoes? Do you find yourself wearing the same pair over and over again until they die a slow and painful death? 


Annéka xo