Hi friend!

I’m Annéka. I’m a wife, bookworm and storyteller who always has at least three books on the floor by my bed. Ballet flats have my heart but I find it impossible to walk past a pretty pair of heels, even if I know they’re going to ruin my feet. I’m a tea devotee, makeup junkie, gin enthusiast and pasta is my love language.

I have loved books for longer than I can remember. One of my earliest memories is sitting in my bedroom, reading a battered copy of Five Go To Treasure Island that had been gifted to me by a family friend and I’ve never looked back. As a child, it became apparent to my parents pretty quickly that sending me to my room as punishment wasn’t going to work, as I’d just pick up a book and read!

I am also the granddaughter of a Master Baker and the daughter of an amazing home cook – my Grampa and Mama taught me everything I know about baking and cooking – and the kitchen will always be my happy place!

I’m a firm believer that magic is all around us – all you have to do is pick up a book and I hope this little corner of the internet will inspire you to do just that!

So curl up, grab a mug of tea and some cake and make yourself at home…