Autumn To-Do List

I absolutely love celebrating the shifting of the seasons, and part of me choosing JOY as my Word of the Year was to stop me from saying things like “oh, it’s too hot!” or “I wish winter would end” and wishing time away. Every season is beautiful, and whilst I still struggle with things here in the upside-down land, I see no reason why I can’t celebrate and find joy in my life here – even if it is different to what I’m used to and what you see in the movies!

So here goes…



Spend a weekend at a winery

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Go to Maleny/Montville for tea, cake and wandering

Love well on Rob for his birthday

Watch When Harry Met Sally

Celebrate ANZAC Day and our 12th dating anniversary

Reread all the Harry Potter Books

Celebrate Easter

Go on a Starbucks Walking Date

Bake a pie

Go to the Museum for the Egyptian Mummies exhibit


Stick to my Fall Capsule Wardrobe

I really want to add apple-picking to this list because it’s something that just screams autumn to me, but the only place within a 4-hour drive of here no longer lets you pick, so I’m having to rethink that and I’ll let you know what I come up with instead!

Also – because I’m that girl – I have a list of books that just scream Autumn (Hello Harry!) and I’ll share those with you on Monday! 


Annéka xo