Winter Capsule Wardrobe (Wish List)

Hi lovely! I’ve been sorting out my Winter Capsule Wardrobe this week, and whilst I’m not quite ready to share it with you yet, I thought I would share my wish list with you! As this is the first year I’ve done a capsule wardrobe, there are a few gaps in my wardrobe. But that’s okay. There are a few things that I’ve bought to fill in the gaps, but there are other things that I’m going to wait on. If it ends up that I honestly do need something, then yes, of course, I will buy it. But I’m trying my hardest to be thoughtful and responsible about my purchases and not just buying the first thing I see!

With that said, this is my wish list. My if-I-had-all-the-money-in-the-world, things I adore wish list. I don’t expect to buy a lot, if anything, off this list over the next three months – but I will be keeping this list in mind for purchases I make over the next 12 months! I’m also currently planning a trip – probably to Tasmania – in July and my head is full of log fires and snow, which may have influenced me slightly! But anyway, here goes!


I pretty much wear high-waisted jeans all the time now. For a while, I hated them, but I think I just need to find the right style! Which for me, means actually coming near my waist, straight through the hips and a skinny leg. I tried these Levi ones on over the weekend and they are high on my hit list – the perfect fit, not too tight, and so soft!

A pea coat. I used to have one of these. It was tan, with gold button and I wore it for 9 months of the year. Then we moved and I left it behind. I’ve got my eye on this burgundy one – which I think is a great alternative to navy (which I wear to death!).

Until recently, the only socks I had in my drawers were sports socks – not great for keeping my toes warm through the cold! I bought myself some H&M woollen ones (which I wear daily) and I’m more than a little bit in love with these Days of the Week bamboo socks from Thought.


My love of stripes knows no bounds – but shockingly I currently only have 1 striped top in my wardrobe! I feel this situation needs rectifying – and I’m looking to these tops to do it! I’ve currently got my eye on the ecru night and brick versions.

I’ve been coveting a pinafore for longer than I should admit, but I’m yet to find one that has me head-over-heels enough to part with my money. But I think this black version and this blush pink versionmight just hit the spot! What d’you think?

Working from home means I either seem to be fully dressed or in PJs – and I think I’d like a happy medium. Something I could wear with chunky socks and a jumper, that isn’t sweats but also isn’t jeans. These lounge pants might just be what I’ve been looking for! The pair I saw over the weekend actually came in a burnt orange colour which was glorious!

And that’s it! What’s on your current clothing wishlist friend? Fill me in!


Annéka xo