My Favourite Neutral Cushions Under $100

I know for a fact that I’m not alone in being a cushion addict. In fact, it’s a constant battle at my house – I would happily have the sofa, armchair and beds full of pillows, Rob, on the other hand, would be happy with none. I also know that I’m not the only one that falls head over heels for a cushion, and then puts it straight back down when I see the price tag. Don’t get me wrong, some are worth the splurge, but most are not!

Another thing I know – that as much as I adore colour, when it comes to my home, I want a calm, serene space when I can curl up and unwind from the day in peace. And I’m also not alone in thinking that either. So after picking up a few new cushions for my home lately, I thought you might like a little roundup of some of my current favourites. The best part? You can mix and match these beauties ’til your heart’s content!


If you ask me, this is how a sofa should look at the end of a good weekend. Comfy as heck, cosy, covered in pillows that all meld together. Which is why we love neutrals, right? The key is to add a little bit of pattern or a whole heap of texture. And you really can’t go wrong!


1. Daisy Silver Shag Cushion $89 | 2. Fringe Cushion $99 | 3. Washed Linen Cushion $14.99 | 4. Jacquard Weave Cushion $14.99 | 5. Text print cushion $12.99 | 6. Paz Silver Cushion $75 | 7. Textured Stripe Cushion $29.99 | 8. Faux Sheepskin Cushion $43 | 9. Linen Cushion With Metal Rings $39.95 (on sale) | 10. Sophie Allport Hare Cushion $55 |

A few quick tips for shopping: For linen, H&M’s prices really can’t be beaten, and I can attest that the quality is pretty darn good! Also: don’t let the simple ones fool you – plain with texture is one of my favourites and will do so much for any room – plus you can move it around at will!

Have you got any favourite brands? Hit me up with your recommendations in the comments! 


Annéka xo