July Love List

Hey friends! Over the years, there have been a couple of iterations of this. We’ve had The Weekly Edit, Loving Lately, 5 Under 50 and {Friday Faves} – all of which, I’ll be honest, was too much work. I love this little space on the interwebs, but between home and work, it can sometimes get a bit much and feeling like I’m writing a post for the sheer heck of it has never sat well with me. So I took a step back and reevaluated. I love sharing things with you, but doing it on a weekly basis was just too much, so instead, you’ll now be getting monthly editions on the last Monday of each month! Yay for us both! So let’s talk about July, shall we?

For the first time since I arrived in Australia, I’ve actually loved July, and I think a lot of that has had to do with my mind shift. You see, people expect Australia to be hot all year round. It’s not. We also don’t have things like central heating, double glazing or insulation, so when the temperature drops, you know about it. I’m talking hot water bottles, heaters and ALL the blankets. And usually, that gets me down. But this year, I decided to embrace each season for what it was. To not wish away the time until Spring/Summer/Autumn/Christmas, like I have every other year. So yes, that’s meant weekends spent at home, the kettle working overtime, bowls of steaming hot soup and pressing yes to Netflix more times than I can count. But it has been wonderful! The older I get, the more of a homebody I become, and now that I’m 30 plus, I’m learning to accept and embrace who I am and to not fight it. All that is just to say, this edit is full of TV, films, books, and homewares – so if you’re after adventures and lots of doing, then this isn’t the month for you!

You all should know by now, how obsessed I am with Downton Abbey. My love for that show knows no bounds and I’m currently on season 3 of my FOURTH rewatch of the entire series. So imagine my delight and ecstatic joy when I woke up to a text from Phoebe telling me that a film is happening!!! I quite literally squealed!

It’s been Christmas in July down here this past week, so yes, I played Christmas music and watched Christmas movies on the 25th. I also died over Alaina’s holiday tour and now I’m trying to figure out how I can fit a full-size Christmas tree in my bedroom for this year!

I struggle with digital overwhelm, and I know I’m not the only one, so reading this blog post from the CWM Team has helped so much with me implementing small things that make a huge difference.


I’m pretty much at a point now where I’ve got my weekly meals schedule down pat and this gnocchi recipe makes its way into the mix pretty darn often (I use GF gnocchi). P.S would you like me to share that here?

I got a sneak peek at the Emma Bridgewater Christmas Collection thanks to SYGM and now I’m debating how much I can order and get delivered to my Mama’s house for storage before she loses her mind…thoughts?

Books I’ve read/listened to so far in July: The Lavender Keeper, A Year and a Day, The Medici Secret, The MacGregor Brides, West Winging It (hilarious FYI) and Mythos.

In addition to Downton, I’ve been watching How I Met Your Mother (still love), Love Island (obvs), Unforgiven (soooooo good!), Very Cavallari (I can’t help myself), Season 2 of Queer Eye, The Bachelor and Our Girl.


I’ve also watched a huge amount of films lately including Geostorm (hello Gerard Butler!), Skyscraper, Baywatch, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and a whole bunch of Christmas Hallmark movies. This week, I’m off to see the new Mission Impossible!

Oh, and before I go, I am actually dying over the number of royal outings we’ve had in the past month! Seeing the Fab Four at the RAF 100 service and flypast was amazing, then we had Ireland, not to mention the polo! Oh, be still my monarchist loving heart!

Okay, wow, I think that’s it for July. That was a bit of a bumper post so if you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Now go and reward yourself with a mug of tea and a chocolate biccie or two and leave me a list of stuff you’ve been loving in the comments!


Annéka xo