August Goals

Happy August friends! How is it August already? Somehow, despite the cold weather, wind and copious amounts of tea, August always means the end of summer to me. The excitement of buying new school supplies, spending those final days of summer with friends and family before school starts up again.

I may not have school this September, or be in the final days of Summer, but I’m going to try and bring some of that excitement into this month, as best I can. Now, I know I didn’t do a July Goals – for many reasons – and for all those reasons and more, I wasn’t going to write this post either, but I know I enjoy them and so do you. So let’s rewind back to June and see how I did on those goals first…



Begin my website overhaul – not this one but my work one 

yes, although I’ve not made huge amounts of progress on this.

Reread the Five Love Languages – nope

Book our anniversary trip! – No, we didn’t take one this year.

Cultivate my winter capsule wardrobe – sort of

Buy a lamp and two new plants for our house! – I finally managed it in July!

Go to yoga at least once a week –

I went to two classes but have tried to keep up weekly practice.

Purge anything unnecessary

Getting there slowly but surely!

Drink 2l of water and go for a walk every day!

Fail. But I am getting better at doing both these things. 

Read! YES!

August-Goals (1).png


Share the house tour

Write and share makeover posts for both bedrooms, the hallway and living/dining room


Have grace with myself

Workout 5 days a week

Drink 2l of water a day

Create a bucket list for myself

Meditate at least three times a week.

Write daily

Bake something new (I’m thinking a pie or maybe cinnamon rolls?!)

Wow! That’s actually quite the list! It’s funny how when you dig down deep, there’s actually a bunch of stuff that you want to accomplish that actually doesn’t rely on anyone but yourself! So there you go, those are my goals for this month. What about you friend? Fill me in in the comments!