Bedroom Inspiration

I know I said that the hallway makeover would be up next, and I swear it is coming, but I have exciting news to share: I found an apartment and signed the lease yesterday. It has oak floors in the living area and a balcony overlooking the mountains to the north, plus an onsite pool and gym that means I can give up my gym membership! I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling very overwhelmed. None of this really seemed real, until yesterday, and even now it's still a little bit blurry round the edges. I'm also giving myself the biggest stress headaches trying to figure out furniture but there is one room I think I've got down - my bedroom - but first, a little inspiration!

Bedroom Inspo 1.png
Bedroom Inspo 2.png
Bedroom Inspo 3.png

In my head, all I want is a velvet headboard or a wrought iron bed, panelling and original floorboards (basically I need to live in an English country cottage again), but none of that really works in a super modern apartment on the 20th floor of a residential skyscraper, so I've reined it in. That said, I'm still trying to keep it light, airy and fresh with lots of neutrals and just the odd splash of colour...

Bedroom Inspiration (Pinterest).png

Alaina's bedroom has always been my starting point. I just love how peaceful her bedroom is - just what you need at the end of the day. I plan on hanging my two Paris prints above the bed and mixing and matching linens in white, blush, sand and ecru. I'm also hoping to be able to fit a small writing desk in here too (to double as a bedside) with a gorgeous blue velvet chair, but we'll see if I manage it.

Writing Desk | Paris Prints | Lamp | Chair


Annéka xo

Top Image: Abbie Melle