My Home Tour

The last time I did a home tour on this blog, I lived in New Farm and had recently moved into a new apartment. It was a little sparse and although there were some things that were my style (hello parquet flooring), there were definitely things that weren't (cream walls, I'm looking at you!)

As you know, over two years ago, I moved to West End and started renovating a modern two-bed apartment - new floors, new paint on every surface, a hallway transformation - all of which I have before and after posts for - but I've never done an actual house tour! So here it is, finally!

The Hallway


This is what you see the second you open our front door, and honestly, it makes me smile every time I open the door. The rug and credenza are from IKEA and the giraffes were hand-carved in Kenya and picked up by my Papa as a Christmas present for Rob nine years ago when he was there on detachment. The candle is this one from Glasshouse (and smells divine) and the diffuser is this one. The combination of the two is just heavenly when you walk in the door!

The Living & Dining Room


This is what you see when you walk to the top of the hallway. There has been some debate over the years as to whether the dining table should go here or where our desks are at the end of the kitchen, but we decided here was best - especially since you can see it as soon as you walk in.

At Christmas, the armchair gets moved to between the table and the sofa and the tree goes there. I hate moving it back every January but I don't know if that's just because the Holidays are my favourite season!


I debated doing a gallery wall over the sofa, and if I'd had my way, we probably would have done, but we are both unapologetic space nerds so when I saw this canvas, I just knew it was the perfect Christmas present - even if the shipping from the States gave me a minor heart attack!

The sofa and armchair are from Nick Scali, the media unit and coffee table are Early Settlers, the rug is Freedom, Orion Nebula canvas is from Art, the table and chairs are Super A-Mart, the map is from Burbia and the cushions are a mixture of H&M, Kmart and Freedom.

The Kitchen & Office


Given that we have a galley kitchen, there's not a huge amount that's changed here but we do now have a large double pantry behind double doors at the end and we blocked in the leg at the end so that you now can't see what gets stored under there (which is usually just shopping bags). I've never been a huge fan of the backsplash here and would love subway tiles, but trying to get that glass off would be a bigger headache than either of us wanted, so it stayed.


At the end of the kitchen is the office. Technically this is a dining area but as you can already see where ours is, this is our office instead. It's where you'll find me every day (when I'm not working from bed or the sofa!), tapping away on the keys! The desks go up and down and I'm yet to find a chair I love so a dining room chair just gets moved when I work here - which is probably why I don't work here as much as I should!

The Master Bedroom


If you follow me on IG, you'll already know that my love of this room knows no bounds. If I'm not working or in the kitchen baking, this is where you'll find me. It's only looked like this for less than a month but I am so happy with it! With all the pillows, throws and proper bedsides, it feels like a hotel room now - which to me is exactly how your bedroom should feel! The mustard velvet cushions I wanted at H&M got vetoed but when I saw these cotton ones for $3 each on my IKEA trip, I bought them anyway and now they are tolerated! Given that I can't wear any version of yellow, having these pops of autumnal colour in here make me grin like a Cheshire cat!


I also love having a deep bath in the ensuite. Lighting a whole bunch of candles and relaxing here with a book is one of my favourite ways to while away some time! There's also a shower to the left of the sink.

The bed and chest of drawers were from an outlet store that since closed, the bedding is Adairs, my pillows are duck feather and Rob has a "cold" pillow. Cushion covers are from IKEA as are the bedsides and my bud vase. Mugs, copper dish and votive are from Freedom, the throw is H&M Home and the Oxfords are from Rubi.

Guest Bedroom

According to everyone who has stayed here, the bed is supremely comfortable but I can't attest to it myself. The bedspread is one from I Love Linen and is technically a kingsize but I love the drapey effect in here. And the bedsides that spent so long moving from place to place have finally found a home in here!


There is also a family bathroom with a large shower next door but it looks near identical to the ensuite so I won't bore you with that.

The Balconies


We're lucky enough to have two balconies here - which is great in the summer for air flow. The one off the kitchen is used purely for the BBQ so this front one is the one that gets used most. Two Christmases ago, we had a dinner party out here on Christmas Eve, and it was the exact reason why I was sold on buying this place. The floor was hideous, there was stuff and dirt everywhere and the walls looked like something out of the 70s, but standing on this balcony and seeing dinner parties out here was what I'd dreamed of - and it was perfect! The front balcony overlooks the courtyard gardens and pool, and if you look to the left, you can see the river. Heavenly.


And so that's it for this home tour. Actually, quite literally, because last week we sold this apartment. Yep, 2 years and a heck of a lot of hard work later and it's time for a new challenge. Fortunately, the settlement date isn't until early October so I still have a little while to enjoy it and that's exactly what I'll be doing. I don't yet know where I'll be moving to, but we are selling 99% of all the furniture so get ready for a whole bunch of posts on sofas, beds, armchairs and a lot more besides as I kit out a whole new place!

In the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed this home and I'll be back next week with the first before and after: the hallway!


Annéka xo