Before & After: The Hallway

And so it's finally here: the hallway before and after. The entire apartment was one big makeover, to be honest, but I think the hallway and living room made the biggest difference to me. Being able to see a space that made me smile every time I opened the front door has been amazing and I sure am going to miss having an actual hallway! So, do you want to see the horror it was before?!

before 2.JPG
before 3.JPG

That carpet was once cream with a green stripe and you know how much I love books but the amount of stuff in that hallway was overkill - there were two bookcases, an overstuffed coat stand, not to mention uneven pictures!

As you'll have already guessed by the after photos, that carpet was pulled up within minutes of us getting the keys. In the course of a week, we pulled up every inch of carpet and underlay, torn down the blinds, painted every ceiling, door trim, baseboard and wall and replaced the floor everywhere except the bathrooms and kitchen (yes, even inside the wardrobes!).

So this is what you see now...

After 1.jpg
After 2.jpg

Just looking at those photos again makes me smile and I'm sat now 10 feet from that hallway! The flooring is a spotted gum vinyl plank with acoustic underlay that means I can wear heels and our neighbours downstairs don't even notice. Choosing which colour flooring to go with was possibly the hardest decision of the entire renovation. I originally wanted to go with an almost black varnished oak but I'm so glad I was talked out of that! The warmth of the black gum is perfect against the white walls - which are Dulux Vivid White in Matte. The entry table is from IKEA as are the black frames and the jute runner.


Annéka xo

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